Current Novel Coronavirus Disease Outbreak - Corona Pandemic - COVID-19

Let's Not Die Today , Let's Make It A Better Place !!!

Well , Have you ever thought or wondered that Life on Earth started much before the evolution of a Human !!! Have you ever wondered how materialistic the humans have become??? Why this Corona Virus ??

 Current Novel Coronavirus Disease Outbreak - Corona Pandemic - COVID-19
 Current Novel Coronavirus Disease Outbreak - Corona Pandemic - COVID-19

The Corona Pandemic is going to change Life in a Big Way . It is Going to teach the Human Race much about the KARMA and valuing all other living beings,the nature and it’s resources.

The Planet earlier was a lot shared and enjoyed by birds and animals. However, Since the Evolution of Mankind ,things have changed and their happiness has gone on stake.

Universe , God or whatever name you want to give to that Higher Source ,created this planet for all. It has granted enough of resources for all on this planet .Whether birds and animals,or humans ,all have equal rights to these natural resources and to their own lives. As truly stated ‘”Abundance is Your Birthright’’.

But unfortunately ,the humans changed everything.They have commercialized everything for their own benefit. From the Exploitation of lands,seas,rivers to birds and animals ,everything has been customized by the human specie to their own selfish purposes.

Oceans,seas and rivers are being polluted by chemicals ,lot of birds,mammals and animals die due to drinking of this polluted water.Did anyone ever think that they also have souls and they also have families and they also feel pain of death ?Just because they cannot speak does not change things.Animals are being simply sold or bought for profit purposes.The Religious places are being commercialized.

Universe through Current Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak is communicating with the HumanRace ,asking it to stop and watch the actions before it’s too late and all have to pay for their Bad Karmas.

 Current Novel Coronavirus Disease Outbreak - Corona Pandemic - COVID-19
This is Quite Evident from the fact followed by the Lock-down in many countries globally.

If you actually see from spiritual standpoint ,this Lock-Down is only for the Human Race but all other beings are free to roam on the Planet. 

This just seems like the starting of life on Planet as it actually did !! 

Nature has started reclaiming it's space.The co-existence of Other beings has increased.

Evident from the fact that Dolphins has returned to Italy coast, swans can be seen back in canals there,otters are moving freely in Singapore, Egyptian Geece are spotted moving outside water with no stress of human intervention,the penguins have been moving without fear inside the Chicago Aquarium which is currently closed for visitors.

The Precautionary measures are being taken to stay away from eating non-vegetarian food.

The Religious places have been closed down for the visits.

The Environment has become non-polluted.

There is cut down on Noise Pollution.

These are big indications that the Universe is trying to tell Human Race something, Something too important to Ignore !!!

The Human Race must remember , it never owned this planet.It was always to be shared with other living beings, equally co-existing.

I truly Pray and Hope for the Epidemic to End Soon .However, once it does,the Humans will start to surely Respect the Nature and all it’s beings and resources equally.

I truly Urge to please share this Universal Light with as many people as possible so that We All as One ,can save this Globe and make it a better Place Ever !!!

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