Affordable Health Insurance

One of the most things in demand today is Cheap and Affordable Health Insurance. A human today suffers from one or the other disease and is constantly looking for the cheapest cure available in the market. Even the smallest of the child in the family is not safe and is exposed to various health hazards. The Reasons could be many viz pollution, environment, hereditary, etc. In this article today, I am going to share the complete health insurance plan for you and all your family members. 

Affordable Health Insurance
Affordable Health Insurance
The Most Affordable Health Insurance is to maintain your Spiritual Health at par. Health means not only physical or mental health but also spiritual health. This ensures that there is no disease or imbalance present in the body. It also keeps all the senses of the person calm and composed.

What does Spiritual Health mean?

Getting situated in one's own nature is Spiritual Health. This is a very high position. It is not easy to be situated in your nature. For this, one has to first recognize and experience its nature. You have to connect with yourself. Today, a person connects with materialistic things and the outside world. When seen in-depth, it connects with the body visible outside of it. This joining is not a real connection, because all this will be gone one day. In order to recognize nature, everything outside has to be known, remembered, found, left outside, and one has to settle down in a calm sense. Until the outer one is left, the inner self will not be found. This situation is a state of thoughtlessness. It is also called the state of meditation. This is called Spiritual Health.

Affordable Health Insurance
Affordable Health Insurance
At this stage, the vision becomes situated in its own form. Once the seeker sees his form once, then the faults of his inner mind begin to perish. Kama, anger, greed, and attachment do not haunt him. Anxiety turns into contemplation. Tension,  in peace. Pleasure and sorrow in joy. In despair, delight. Hatred turns into love. Violence, in compassion. In lie, truth.  The sharpness of speech in tenderness. Diet becomes dietary. Everyone gets a sense of friendship and love, then there is neither grief nor disease. Defects, maladies, sorrows begin to perish automatically. Nothing is inauspicious for such a person, because he has introspective. His little effort to keep the body healthy also proves worthwhile. When a person achieves all this, he has achieved the Spiritual Health.

 Why Spiritual Health?

Affordable Health Insurance
Affordable Health Insurance
Now are the days of entertainment, earning and getting established in society. Knowing that Death, is the ultimate truth, it seems far away. When diseases and diseases start knocking on the body and all the medical methods fail to overcome it. Death is seen standing on the head, then the longing to live grows. He then discovers mystical spiritual powers and actions. Perhaps there is some relief from it - get rid of medicines.

Affordable Health Insurance
Affordable Health Insurance
The root of all the diseases that look so different is disorders of the mind, which only spiritual practice can help in removing them. Stress, restlessness, unrest, fear, sadness, and insomnia are diseases of the common mind. Modern scientific medicine also believes that these mental disorders can cause many diseases, which are physical ( Psychosomatic) diseases. The main ones are-

1. Abdominal diseases- gas, stomach irritation, ulcers, etc.
2. Lung diseases- Asthma.
3. Heart disease- blood pressure, heart attack, angina.
4. Brain diseases- Headache, or pain everywhere in the body.
5. Skin diseases- eczema, psoriasis, etc.

How to Gain Spiritual Health?

Most of the Mental diseases like stress, sadness, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. are the diseases arising due to the disorders of the mind. Whenever these patients have a calm mind and are devoid of disorder, then these diseases start to decrease.

A few ways that can be used to gain Spiritual Health – 

Affordable Health Insurance
Affordable Health Insurance

1-Show Gratitude. Be Grateful for what you are and what you have.

2- Do not Copy others and Live your own Life. Always remember, others may not be gifted with what you have.

3- Connect at Higher Dimension and continuous realization of attaining proper knowledge and knowing oneself as a soul. Keeping in touch with the Supreme Doctor. A soul that knows and experiences itself will always be calm and pure.

4- Do not fall in love with anything in this material world including your body. It’s ok to have a brotherhood with other souls but don’t get influenced by them. In this way, a person's actions will be advanced and will be able to be high level and specific.

5- Continuous intellectual communication with the Supreme The doctor or the Supreme Spirit so that positive energy can be obtained and transmitted towards pure karma. The soul will find itself and others unobtrusive, immortal and unadulterated. No earthly obstacle can disturb him.

6-Practice of Meditation can help you connect with the higher self.


Spiritual Practice help in curing diseases. Your Good health is incomplete if you are not spiritually healthy. Seeking the meaning and purpose of life makes us spiritual. Spiritual health reflects our personal beliefs and values. There is no single prescribed way to achieve good spiritual health but the intent to achieve it will itself take you there. It is a way to look deeper into our understanding of our existence.

Till we do not move in the direction of spirituality, we will remain in the circle of disease. Therefore, there is a great need for spiritual health today. If spiritual health is attained, physical and mental health is easily attained. Achieving Spiritual Health is the complete and cheapest affordable health insurance plan ever for mankind.

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